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The Little Bag Of Happiness

The Little Bag Of Happiness

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The little bag of happiness, a gift to brighten up anyones day!

Made with love and filled with all of the goodness to put a smile on your love ones face....

A STAR - To make a wish upon

A HEART - Because you are loved

A PIECE OF STRING - To hold it together when times are tough

A MARBLE - In case you lose yours!

A PAPERCLIP - So you are always organised

A RUBBER - To erase the little mistakes

A LUCKY BEAN - So luck is always on your side

A PLASTER - To heel you when you are hurt

A COIN - so you are never completely broke

The Little Bag Of Happiness is perfect for a birthday gift, anniversary gift, something to say everything will be okay when you may not have the words, for a friend who needs a smile, or a loved one that may need a little 'pick me up'.

Want to add a personal touch? I can add in a hand written gift message to be delivered with the bag of happiness. Just message me with order details and the message you would like to send.


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